Alina Bloomgarden



Alina Bloomgarden, was originating producer of Jazz at Lincoln Center, the Lincoln Center Reel to Real series and Director of Visitors Services for 23 years, where she received the Directors Emeriti Award for outstanding achievement. Proposing that jazz had a rightful place at America’s preeminent performing arts center, she invited Wynton Marsalis to participate as Artistic Advisor, the same role he how has for MOTI. She produced the first critically- acclaimed seasons of Jazz at Lincoln Center, which led to the establishment of jazz as a separate and equal constituent. It has now become her life’s work to galvanize the community of musicians as a force for encouragement and hope in criminal justice.

What MOTIvates me


The tap into the caring hearts of many in the jazz community to
bring music and hope to incarcerated youth and adults.


Leroy Frazer



Leroy Frazer, Jr. served 38 years as a prosecutor in New York City.   His first 33 years were under the legendary late Robert M. Morgenthau, as Bureau Chief, Executive Assistant District Attorney for External Affairs and First Assistant District Attorney. He spent four years on the Executive Staff of Cyrus Vance and then became Chief of Staff in  the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office first under the late District Attorney Kenneth P. Thompson and then the Honorable Eric Gonzalez.  He recently founded  Leroy Frazer Jr. Consulting Inc. to advise public and private entities in areas of public safety reform and strategic initiatives. 


What MOTIvates me


The fundamental belief that my gifts, talents and abilities are God’s gift to me; what I do with them is my gift back to God.


Ted Poretz


Ted Poretz is a partner in the law firm Zukerman Gore Brandeis & Crossman.  He has a broad range of experience in civil litigation, white collar defense and regulatory defense in the securities industry, and in internal investigations. He started as  an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan and  became  Assistant Commissioner-Trials of the New York City Police Department where he presided over disciplinary trials of NYPD officers and other personnel and rendered decisions reviewed by the Police Commissioner and the courts. 


What MOTIvates me


What I like about MOTI is it’s proMOTIon of eMOTIve strategies, proMOTIng  a comMOTIon for reMOTIvation and forward locoMOTIon for better MOTIves and more harmonious re-entry.


Jonathan Goldstick



Jonathan is an engineer specializing in the design of waterfronts around the world.  His projects in New York have included many of the piers in Hudson River Park and the reconstruction of the Rockaways Boardwalk after Superstorm Sandy.  He has played trumpet since the 4th grade, and continues to study classical and jazz, playing for his own enjoyment and the occasional entertainment of others. 


What MOTIvates me


To be part of an organization that provides hope through music to
youth and young adults who are trapped in a skewed system.

Travis Mock


Travis Mock is Of Counsel to Pincus Law LLC, a litigation boutique specializing in business litigation, employment litigation, and employment negotiation.  He has served as pro bono outside general counsel to a large regional nonprofit and as a founding board member for a non-profit music startup.  For many years, Travis led the New York City Bar Association’s Chamber Music Committee, hosting an annual series of classical-music concerts for lawyers and other amateur musicians.



What MOTIvates me


Seeing the music I love improving peoples’ lives.


Judy Stewart


Judy Stewart is CEO of Creative Sense, Inc.; a management consulting company that has specialized in developing profit enhancing growth strategies for over 50 consumer brands. For the past several years, she has served as the Executive Business Consultant to Hanky Panky, Ltd; the International fashion lingerie brand. Previously, she was the Creator and CEO of Kids R Us/Babies R Us , which grew sales to close to $1 Billion and the President of August Max, a national women’s sportswear special store chain. 


What MOTIvates me


To bring the joy of doing music to people who can benefit from it the most.


Candace Leeds


Candace Leeds has had decades of experience working in leadership roles in both the corporate and nonprofit arenas, specializing in branding, marketing PR and philanthropy.  Most recently she has been consulting with the Ronald McDonald House of NY and the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation.  She spent twenty years as VP of Public Affairs at Loews Corporation and over a decade as Executive VP at two major PR firms, the Rowland Company (absorbed by Saatchi and Saatchi) and the PR arm of Grey Advertising.


What MOTIvates me


I find it most rewarding to have the opportunity to help individuals find hope, support and joy through music.


Judy Gray


Judy Gray is a Music Educator and Singer. She taught at the High School of Music & Art and LaGuardia HS for over two decades and many of her students are now well-known musicians and artists.  She also served as Assistant Principal of Creative and Performing Arts at Columbus HS in The Bronx, and Supervisor of Music for NYC Summer Schools, and designed and administered  after school programs on the Middle and High School levels. As program advisor for MOTI, she designed the Blues curriculum and also taught with MOTI in the prisons. 


What MOTIvates me


To bring the joy of doing music to people who can benefit from it the most.


Jill Danenberg


What MOTIvates me


It’s a privilege to be on the board of a young non-profit that can both
help transform people's lives and have a domino effect on the
betterment of society.


Jon Freedman

Acting Chair


What MOTIvates me


I want to make a difference in a world that’s gone mad and music
can accomplish that.


Walter Blanding


What MOTIvates me

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