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We welcome professional musicians and serious students of music who have known the value of mentors in your own lives and careers and share our concerns.


Our mentorship model involves occasional site visits and short ongoing phone and Skype coaching sessions. The aim, for those in corrections who show motivation, is to create new friendships, focus and goals through music. 


Let us know your instrument, musical style and particular area of interest, on the application form.

We are looking for experienced, accomplished musicians who are interested in working in corrections.


Profesional Development and support provided throughout our residencies.

There is an urgent need for programs to build self-esteem and develop skills and hope for a life after prison. Music on The Inside proposes to address these issues through music education and mentorship by professional musicians. The aim is to help youth in corrections, particularly, to create positive goals and new communities through music. Please join us with your financial support to make a different in many young lives.





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